Investment Principal-Equity

Cleveland Clinic Investment Office
Beachwood, Ohio
To be discussed
May 27, 2023
Jun 17, 2023
Industry Sector
Asset Management
CFA Charterholder
Employment Type
Full Time

Job Description Summary  

The Investment Principal will work with the Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Managing Directors and Directors to monitor and shape investments in multiple asset classes, as well as make recommendations on and oversee a portfolio of managers or a grouping of managers. Working in a fast-paced environment, supports the team with manager and asset class analysis, trading and rebalancing the portfolios, performing economic analysis, and other projects. Ongoing responsibilities will primarily be to support and advise the investment team in researching investment views and specific assignments and mentor investment analysts and junior team members. 

Job Description 


  • Leads idea generation, market research and analysis activities that create actionable investments in multiple complex asset classes as a part of the Investment Office generalist model. 
  • Builds complex financial models to adequately assess and support the underwriting of investment themes and individual managers from both a risk and return perspective. 
  • Leads the due diligence process, or re-underwriting process, that results in the recommendations to add, hold or remove investment managers, as well as maintain the relationship for the manager once added to the portfolio. 
  • Compiles market mapping, overviews and assessments of potential equity, fixed income, hedge fund, private capital and real asset managers, as well as economic and market analyses. 
  • Maintains complex quantitative and qualitative manager performance activity and holdings within the Clinic’s internal database. 
  • Takes the lead role as a skeptic on proposed investment decisions, bringing the most pertinent considerations, counterpoints and alternative actions to the investment process. 
  • Onboards new managers to the portfolio, including managing the legal due diligence process, bank custody and administrative documentation. 
  • Organizes and leads due diligence trips to investigate new themes, or review existing or potential managers. 
  • Collaborates with the risk management team at the inception of a new investment to develop elevated governance and oversight and agreed to boundaries and exit strategies for individual investments and/or investment themes. Evaluate risk on an ongoing basis for existing investments. 
  • Prepares internal monthly and quarterly manager and/or portfolio reports detailing performance, exposures, concentrations and other portfolio characteristics. 
  • Creates and maintains presentations summarizing changes in the securities markets across asset classes. 
  • Collects and prepares data related to current portfolio positioning and asset class valuations in support of monthly portfolio rebalancing discussions. 
  • Monitors asset class valuations and data for further research into potential new investment opportunities. 
  • Supports Research/Strategy Team to develop, shape and monitor investment themes. 
  • Prepares and presents reports for CCF executive team and other CCF stakeholders. 
  • Supports annual detailed analysis of portfolio changes, asset class reviews and investment decisions. 
  • Other duties as assigned. 


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