Online Banking Centre Manager (Complaint Handling)(Operation)(Assurance Quality )

Bauer Kaiser & Co. Ltd
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
HK$40k - HK$50k
Dec 06, 2022
Dec 08, 2022
Job Function
Industry Sector
Finance - General
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Descriptions:

1/Online Banking Centre Manager (Complaint Handling)
  • Responsible for accepting, forwarding or handling customer complaints; tracking and guiding the complaint handling situation and progress of the same level and lower level institutions;
  • Responsible for the summary and analysis of the complaint handling work of the remote banking center, the improvement of organizational problems, and the internal and external submission of complaint data and complaint-related reports;
  • Responsible for the training and guidance of the complaint service of the remote banking center;
  • Responsible for the comprehensive management of consumer protection affairs, including organizing and coordinating various consumer protection meetings, supervision and inspection, implementation of rectification, writing of work reports, etc.;
  • Cooperate with the person in charge of the department to take the lead in organizing the consumer rights protection activities of the branch; Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
  • Job requirements: Full-time undergraduate degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience in customer service, complaint management, etc.; Majors in law, insurance, finance, risk control, etc. are preferred; Good communication and coordination skills, familiar with the local industry situation and regulatory requirements; good at communication and coordination, strong ability to withstand pressure. Experience in handling customer complaints in the banking industry, Cantonese communication is preferred.

2/ Online Banking Centre Manager (Operation)

  • Responsible for promoting the accuracy of traffic forecast and deploying human resources reasonably according to the forecast; Responsible for the supervision of on-site operations, set up and continuously improve the early warning mechanism, establish and continuously improve the ability of rapid response and scheduling; Responsible for analyzing and organizing on-site operation data, and optimizing on-site plans and scheduling strategies in a targeted manner, continuously improving resource utilization efficiency and on-site emergency response capabilities; Based on operational data, analyze on-site fluctuations, mine service link problems, output business reports and promote optimization; Responsible for the construction and operation of the general control team, helping the team to grow continuously;
  • Job Requirements: Full-time undergraduate degree or above, proficient in call center business, and have their own cognition and understanding of operation; Possess certain data analysis ability, and experience in forecasting, scheduling, pre-plan & scheduling related work & experience is preferred; Candidates with 2 years and more than 10 management experience are preferred;

3/ Online Banking Centre Manager (Assurance Quality )

  • Complete daily recording quality monitoring and tracking to ensure traffic quality; Maintain and implement quality service standards, analyze quality inspection, complaints, errors and other daily monitoring work, and fill in daily quality inspection reports;
  • Complete post-event error inspection and tracking, effectively control human errors and reduce complaint rate; Regularly collect excellent service recordings, write case studies, and establish recording and case databases;
  • Responsible for quality inspection training for front-line personnel, and continuously improve service capabilities; Other matters assigned by the leader.

Job requirements: Full-time undergraduate degree or above, with good logical thinking and good execution ability; Careful and rigorous work, strong communication skills, and innovative spirit; Experience in banking related quality inspection and processing is preferred, and Cantonese communication is preferred.
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