Equity Research Associate Analyst

Salt Lake City, Utah
This position will include base salary, plus annual performance bonus.
Jan 27, 2022
Feb 26, 2022
Industry Sector
Asset Management
Employment Type
Full Time

Who We Are

Wasatch Global Investors is a 100% employee-owned firm exclusively focused on active investment management. We use a collaborative, bottom-up fundamental approach to identify exceptional companies we believe are high-quality and have the potential to grow earnings for long periods of time. Following our early success investing in domestic small cap stocks, Wasatch has evolved thoughtfully and organically over four decades. Today, with nearly $40 billion in assets under management, and 18 strategies spanning the United States, international, and emerging markets, Wasatch provides comprehensive research of small, micro, and mid cap companies across the globe. Our investment team of 33 investment professionals includes 17 portfolio managers with an average of 22 years of research experience and 15 years at Wasatch.


Wasatch’s investment process is anchored in our core culture principles: long-term perspective, learning organization, teamwork, ownership, integrity, and gratitude. These principles drive how we conduct our research, analyze, and manage investments, work with our portfolio companies, and ultimately, serve our clients.  Wasatch strongly believes in a team approach to investment management. All investment decisions are conducted in a highly collaborative team environment, with all team members contributing equally to all aspects of the process.  We believe this “multiple eyes” approach allows us to find and invest in high-quality, long-duration growth companies that will deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the course of many years.  For more information, please see https://wasatchglobal.com/about/.


The Associate Analyst Role and Responsibilities

Our Associate Analyst role is a 3-year opportunity for associates work directly with one of Wasatch’s investment teams (Domestic, Emerging Markets, International Developed Markets).Our research process is highly focused on analyzing industries and businesses and finding high quality companies that offer long-term compounding returns.  Associates are involved in all aspects of the investment process from screening for new stocks to analyzing companies to monitoring the progress of portfolio companies. Responsibilities may include:

·         Developing a deep understanding of the business strategy, competitive positioning, industry dynamics, near-and long-term growth drivers, and operating and financial metrics of various companies

·         Researching companies through a variety of sources including company filings, interviews of company management teams and industry experts and channel checks with suppliers, customers, and competitors

·         Building financial models and projections for companies to determine how changes in business trends and operating assumptions may impact the long-term return profiles

·         Tracking the financial results and projections of current and prospective portfolio companies

·         Identifying growth themes across industries and the companies most likely to benefit from those themes

·         Contributing to all aspects of the firm’s research efforts–not ask is too small nor too large


Preferred Qualifications

·      Undergraduate and/or graduate degree with academic work reflecting a high level of rigor, independent thought, self-directed study, and creativity

·      2+years of relevant full-time, part-time and/or summer professional experience

·      Intellectual curiosity and demonstrated ability to deeply research and think about a range of topics (beyond the obvious, generally-accepted thinking)

·      Demonstrated ability to explore a range of data and perspectives and form independent opinions

·      Demonstrated interest in fundamental business analysis and equity research

·      Demonstrated research skills and the ability to develop and communicate conclusions

·      Commitment to a 3-year position; post program offers will be determined based on the firm’s needs and the individual’s performance

·      Wasatch will assist Associates with post-program job placement or graduate school recommendations and ongoing support of our network


Application Materials

·      Resume, academic transcripts (unofficial is acceptable), relevant test scores(SAT, ACT, GMAT, etc.)

·      Answers to the following questions:1) why equity research? 2) why our Associate Analyst Program? 3) why Wasatch? 4) what questions would you like to ask our CEO?

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