Equity Analyst - Buy Side

Phoenix, AZ
Compensation commensurate upon experience
Jan 26, 2022
Feb 06, 2022
Industry Sector
Asset Management
Employment Type
Full Time

About Saguaro

Saguaro Capital Management is a Phoenix-based equity-focused investment firm. We compound capital through deep fundamental research, long-term thinking, meaningful innovation, and a structure that acknowledges human bias. We are modern value investors - a fusion of classic investment discipline and hypermodern technology designed to produce world-class investment results. At launch, we will manage two capacity-constrained and ultra-concentrated equity portfolios of 5-15 positions. Founded in 2021, Saguaro currently has six team members.

Analyst Role

Saguaro’s investment team is looking for a full-time analyst to refine our understanding of the best publicly traded businesses in the world. Your truth-seeking, restless intellect, and hunger to get it right will amplify our process.

We want you to ask the next question as you comb through 10-K’s, earnings releases, and company presentations. Your comprehensive, primary research will form the foundation for our conversation as a team. Does the business possess sustainable competitive advantages? Will they produce enduring, predictable, and high returns on invested capital?

Only when a business clears our high quality hurdle will we weigh price or valuation. Being the analyst in charge, you will lay the groundwork for valuing the business’s expected free cash flow. As a team, we will compare the investment prospects of this business to our universe of companies we want to own at the right price. Our expectation is that very little of our analytical work will find its way into the portfolio as a core holding. But when it does, our personal and client capital will harvest the fruits of this labor for years to come.

What’s Required

As with any partner, human or corporate, our ideal candidate brings exceptional skill, integrity, and passion for investigative work. Finding these candidates is rare, but the best investment Saguaro makes will be the people we bring on board. For those who consistently reinvest in themselves with an obsession to improve, and who share our long-term approach, we invite you to compound your human capital at Saguaro.

Next Steps

Please contact Bryan Tsiao at bryan@saguarocm.com to schedule a call.

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