Python Engineer (RegTech)

London, United Kingdom
Jul 29, 2021
Aug 28, 2021
Job Function
Industry Sector
Finance - General
Employment Type
Full Time
There are 3 main skills that we are looking for:
  • Coding Skills
  • Financial Understanding
  • Customer Orientation

Coding Skills

Coding skills does not mean Python skills. Python is the specific language that we use, and coding refers to the ability to create computing programs. Out of the three key skills, it is the hardest to teach because coding requires a degree of abstraction and patience that few people possess.

As an example, the day to day of an engineer involves staring a black screen for hours only to discover that there is a missing "comma" in one of the thousands of lines of code. To the untrained eye, this will look like a waste of time and will even be very boring. To the engineers this bring the satisfaction of finding the needle in a haystack. You will never know if coding is for you unless you do it. The RegTech team is not the right place to discover your passion for coding (or the lack of it).

When looking at a CV, you want to differentiate between someone with theoretical knowledge and someone with practical experience. The latter are the ones we are looking for. This can be demonstrated by:
  • Professional experience as a developer (Python preferred, but C++ or Java are also welcome).
  • Personal or professional projects in which they are involved. E.g., a project in GitHub.
  • A person has never used Python but has created code to automate part of their work. E.g., an accountant who has created macros in excel.
  • Computer science degree.

  • A person who has followed an online class of a few weeks / months but has never participated in a project.
  • A banking professional that has worked in the regulatory department of a bank and even managed technical engineering projects but with limited knowledge of coding.

Financial Understanding

Out of the three, it is the easiest to teach, but it requires the willingness to learn. The more senior the person, the harder it will be to teach.

When looking at a CV, you want to differentiate between a person that has worked in a bank / consultancy firm surrounded by people who know finance, and a person who has worked in finance (or who has learned it in their free time).

The latter are the ones we are looking for. This can be demonstrated by:
  • Professional experience in the trading floor, or in the front/back office of the bank.
  • Professional experience in the regulatory department of one of the Big 4 Consultancy firms.
  • Risk management degrees, CFA, chartered accountants.
  • Finance enthusiast who has been learning on their free time.

  • A person who comes from the IT department of a bank but has no notion of finance.
  • An engineer / senior engineer / team lead without an understanding of finance or as a minimum a demonstrable interest in the field.

Customer Orientation

Without this, the person will fail in RegTech. Unlike back-end developers, who work in broad infrastructure projects with longer deadlines, RegTech must be prepared to work in short projects and assists clients when a problem occurs.

It is important to mention that we are not looking for a person who wants to be in direct contact with clients (that is more relevant for a Project Manager or a Support Manager), but somebody who can work in changing environments.

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