Portfolio Manager

We're located in Alexandria, VA just outside Washington D.C.
$75-85k base, several bonus plans and opportunity for path to partnership
May 16, 2019
Jun 15, 2019
Employment Type
Full Time

Overview & Job Description

If you have a passion for the markets and portfolio management and want to work in a client-facing role, our Portfolio Manager position may be just for you.

The Portfolio Manager works closely with the Partners, the Financial Planning Team, and the Client Experience Team to manage, monitor, and maintain client portfolios.

The successful hire will manage our in-house equity models and discretionary portfolios on a day-to-day basis. You will also be responsible for monitoring a limited number of alternative investment managers and working directly with bond traders to construct bond ladders as required.  You will be expected to be well read and up to date on the markets.  You will need to be passionate about reading research, market commentary and other industry staple news sources such as Barron’s over the weekend in an effort to be well-informed, and to identify information about our holdings or interesting topics to communicate to clients. You will need to conduct research, perform trading through Orion Eclipse and TD Ameritrade Institutional, monitor client accounts and account alerts, provide daily input and guidance on overall portfolio construction and model management for retirement and non-retirement assets for individual, high-net-worth clients.  Your role in client-facing meetings will be to review and explain performance as well as review portfolio holdings.

Finally, this role is designed to be filled by someone who is equally passionate about portfolio management and creating interesting communications.  Monument is looking for the successful hire to be someone that can contribute to our blogging and content creation efforts.

Duties and Responsibilities

Applicants should have hands-on experience with portfolio management. Assets included in our portfolios are individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, structured notes, options and fixed income instruments. Duties include the following:                        

  • Maintain general market insight—you are expected to know what’s going on all the time
  • Independently create client communications and author posts for our blog
  • Conduct account supervision and performance reporting, including running reports, managing report templates, maintaining the data and verifying its accuracy using the Orion Advisor portfolio management system
  • Present in client meetings on performance, portfolio reviews, asset allocation changes, model performance and market commentary
  • Conduct trading across client accounts as needed utilizing Orion Eclipse, Orion ASTRO and TD systems (TOM and VEO One)
  • Maintain and continually improve all internally run, discretionary investment models and contribute to the creation of new models
  • Assist the Chief Compliance Officer with compliance functions related to asset management such as 13F filings, best execution review, fee audits and mutual fund share class reviews
  • Meet with teammates to review and manage client portfolios and financial plans
  • Independently monitor, suggest changes and execute trades for client portfolios based on situations caused by model or security level drift alerts, cash balances, etc.
  • Generate portfolio recommendations specific to each client’s financial plan
  • Utilize Morningstar, Value Line, Dorsey Wright & Associates and other research software to screen for new investment ideas and maintain due diligence on existing holdings
  • Conduct due diligence meetings with representatives of select investment firms
  • Actively participate as a member of the Investment Team
  • Complete special projects and manage technology vendors as needed

This position is a client-facing role and does not require any new business development responsibilities.  This is not a traditional Financial Advisor / Business Development position in disguise.  It has decision‐making authority on portfolio and client matters and will earn more client responsibilities with experience and tenure at Monument.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Excellent writing skills - You must be enthusiastic about researching interesting topics and be able to write about them for blog posts. 
  • Excellent verbal communication skills – You must be able to communicate in a clear and matter of fact way. You need to be well-spoken and able to articulate a point of view and general financial concepts as well as provide responses to client questions in meetings
  • “Clients first” attitude, professional demeanor, personal integrity and an understanding of fiduciary responsibility
  • Professional appearance
  • Experience with TD Ameritrade Institutional administration and trading is a plus and desired
  • Experience with Orion is a plus and desired – Eclipse Trading, ASTRO, performance reporting are all valuable skills
  • Previous experience in operations or data reconciliation
  • Ability to manage time effectively and meet deadlines
  • Self‐motivated, confident, detail‐oriented, and analytical – you need to be someone who is always searching for a better way
  • Willingness to take on additional operational responsibilities as needed
  • Demonstrated knowledge of various securities markets
  • Familiarity with Morningstar, SalesForce, eMoney Advisor, Value Line and Point & Figure Charting is a plus
  • An easy to get along with personality – no egos
  • Empathy for the client perspective – be able to observe things from their perspective. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree or greater from an accredited college or university
  • CFA designation, progress toward completion or enrollment desired
  • Previous portfolio management experience is preferred
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 365
  • Experience with High-Net-Worth clients and appropriate investment strategies
  • Digitally savvy – comfortable embracing and adopting tech, video conferencing, chat, mobile and other software as it comes along

Salary and Benefits

  • Base salary of $75-95k depending on Orion & TD experience and a CFA credential, several different bonus plans and an opportunity to enter the Path to Partnership program, which creates ownership over time.  
  • Benefits including SIMPLE IRA, health insurance, paid holidays, unlimited vacation policy, and more. Opportunities for limited, scheduled and coordinated remote working are available. Flexible work schedule is an option depending on the situation.  We are happy to discuss and accommodate both as it fits in with the rest of the Team schedule.
  • Another benefit: Monument is pretty fun.  We have a casual yet professional dress policy—no suits here.

Who Should Apply

If you are a razor-sharp, innovative, collaborative, and a creative thinker with a renegade spirit and zero commitment issues, you should put some time into telling us about that and why we should consider meeting you. Please send your resume and letter of interest to careers@monumentwm.com. Include all social media feeds and profiles along with any writing or blog examples. 

Spend time researching our firm by visiting our website, watching our videos and reading our blog. If Monument and this position sound interesting to you, please include in your letter:

  • Why you are a good fit for our brand, culture, Team and position
  • How you can contribute to the above
  • Examples of anything that highlights you or your work – any and all mediums are acceptable

We will review your credentials and will respond with more detail about this opportunity. You should anticipate multiple rounds of interviewing with members of the Team (video and in person).

Important, Read This - Who Should Not Apply

People looking first and foremost for a very structured experience and/or a big company name on their resume should move on.  If you cannot assimilate into an interdependent Team that relies on each other to do their work and get along, you will fail at Monument.  If you do not take pride in the culture you will be joining and value the clients above all else, this opportunity is not a good fit. If you have no personality and no sense of humor or need to be told what to do every second of the day, Monument is not the place for you. No egos.

If you have no interest in making things better or constantly contributing to improving the client experience, you will not fit in.  If you are not intellectually curious or not someone who loves to tinker with things to make them better, you will not fit in.  If you don’t get excited about discovering new things or exploring new capabilities with tech vendors, you will not fit in.  

This is a place to take what you do very seriously but not one where you take yourself too seriously. Monument is a process-driven firm and Team. If you cannot deal with processes and systems or you are someone who cannot get their work done, this is a bad fit. If you want a job where you just do your own thing, this is a bad fit.  Monument is an interdependent Team from the owners on down.

It seems like this should go without saying, but if you can’t get to work on time or you are unreliable, you will not succeed nor last long at Monument.

If you are firing off your resume, cutting and pasting a cover letter to every available opportunity without fully understanding the brand, culture and team you want to work with, please move on.  If you don’t take the time to learn as much as you can about us, we are not interested in taking time to learn about you.

Finally – Monument has several dogs who come to the office during the week. If you don’t like dogs, please factor this into your decision to apply. Seriously, if you don’t like dogs, it’s a deal breaker.

Who We Are

On paper, we’re a wealth management firm.  In reality, we’re equal parts creative lab, brain trust, and outspoken critics of the financial industry.

We provide opportunities for people to use what they have to get where they most want to go—and tap not just their potential for wealth, but their potential for living. For our clients, we do it in the form of thoughtful, considered, bespoke Private Wealth Design. For our team, we do it by providing opportunities for education, growth, and collaboration, so that they can become not just skilled advisors, but keener thinkers, creative problem solvers, and better humans.

We rock – this is an awesome place to work and in fact, we have won several different awards for being a best place to work.  Just ask Google.

Please read more on our website at www.monumentwealthmanagement.com

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