Vice President, Investments


An integral part of the grant-making work of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) is the management of funds held pending disbursement for their designated conservation purpose. NFWF typically invests these funds in one or more investment portfolios that reflect the funds’ purpose, expected duration, and other applicable constraints.  Some of the primary investment objectives that apply to different NFWF funds include preservation of capital; maintenance of liquidity; preservation of purchasing power (i.e., offsetting the effects of inflation); and, for certain funds, earning a rate of return commensurate with a fully diversified portfolio.  The significant majority of NFWF’s investible funds are constrained and managed for conservation purposes as described above, while the remainder minority are managed at the full discretion of NFWF.

The Vice President, Investments (VPI) will monitor and evaluate NFWF’s investment portfolios and investment activity.  The VPI will continuously review and assess the Foundation’s investment philosophy, programs, policies, strategies and operational framework to ensure internal consistency, reporting efficiencies, and optimal delivery of solutions that meet the Foundation’s needs.  For certain funds held by NFWF in a fiduciary or trust capacity, the VPI will support the work of the applicable NFWF business unit in the management and investment of the pertinent funds.  For other funds, the VPI will report to the Executive Director/CEO and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on performance; the extent to which performance compares to appropriate benchmarks; and compliance with investment policy statements. 


  • In coordination with the Executive Director/CEO and CFO, the VPI will have responsibility for the oversight of specified NFWF investment managers and portfolios.
  • The VPI will actively monitor all Foundation investments and report to the Executive Director/CEO and CFO, and/or the applicable NFWF business unit leads, on their performance compared to appropriate benchmarks and ensure compliance with established investment policies.
  • The VPI will support the Foundation’s various business units (e.g. IDEA) with client service, structuring of investment-related aspects of funding deals/proposals, follow-through tasks and implementation of appropriate investment programs.
  • For funds subject to NFWF’s investment control, the VPI will engage with the Investment Committee of the Board of Directors on the Foundation’s investment portfolios, policies, strategies and performance at the direction of and in consultation with the CEO and CFO.
  • For funds subject to fiduciary, trust, or other external constraints, the VPI will participate in analysis of investment portfolios, policies, strategies, and performance at the direction of and in consultation with the applicable NFWF business unit lead.
  • The VPI will prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports for, and interface with, the Executive Director/CEO, the CFO, the applicable NFWF business unit leads and Investment Committee as appropriate.
  • The VPI will perform periodic reviews and analyses of different investment programs and liquidity management strategies for the Foundation’s investment assets in accordance with established goals and objectives.
  • The VPI will research, design, present and implement proposals for changes to investment policies, strategies, reporting and operating frameworks.
  • The VPI will work with the various investment managers to execute actions such as rebalancing, responding to capital calls, monitoring redemption and subscription deadlines, and completing due diligence and investment manager/advisor documentation (including Investment Management Agreements, required disclosures, registration forms, etc.).
  • The VPI will perform and/or monitor the Foundation’s investment portfolios to ensure fiduciary, contractual and reasonableness requirements/tests are met.
  • The VPI will develop and update standard communication materials and may be required to interact with various funding sources and agency partners about the Foundation’s investment portfolios and strategies.
  • In consultation with the CFO, the VPI will manage relationships with investment management, advisory and consulting firms.
  • The VPI will stay current with the financial markets and remain abreast of the latest trends and techniques in the industry.
  • The VPI will build systems and processes necessary to easily track and report on investment holdings, risks and returns.
  • The VPI will provide supervision and oversight for the Investment Analyst.
  • As requested, the VPI will support the fiscal year-end financial and A-133 audit, agreed upon procedures and all other related activities.



  • BA/BS degree required; MBA and/or CFA strongly preferred plus a minimum of 10 years relevant experience in investment management.  Experience with the operational elements of investment management is a plus.
  • Strong understanding of investment finance with demonstrated analytical, problem solving and project management skills. 
  • Experience in managing the investment of nonprofit or other charitable funds is strongly preferred.
  • Experience in financial markets.
  • Diversified experience in a finance organization.
  • Extensive experience in investment reporting, risk identification, and quantification.
  • Experience with quantitative financial modeling and analysis techniques, a working knowledge of statistics and an understanding of financial markets/investments required.
  • Experience in analyzing a variety of asset classes and developing investment recommendations is preferred; knowledge of fixed income strategies and risks is a plus, as is experience in cash management strategies and platforms.
  • Ability to work well within a team and effectively manage deadlines.
  • Mastery of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and data analysis skills.