Independent Supervisory Board Member

SOE "Boryspil International Airport"
Ukraine (UA)
Jan 02, 2019
Feb 01, 2019
Industry Sector
CFA Charterholder
Employment Type

The people  of  Ukraine  are  the  ultimate  owners  of  Boryspil  International  Airport  and  the  company  is  guided  in  its  activities  by  both  the  strategic  long-term and tactical short-term interests of the Ukrainian society as a whole. 

The Cabinet  of  Ministers  and  the  Ministry  of  Infrastructure are  the  government  agencies responsible for furthering and protecting the citizens' interests in the company.  These two public  bodies,  on  behalf  of  the  owners  of  Boryspil International Airport, for the management of Boryspil International Airport or, act as its direct superiors. 

The General  Meeting  (GM)  of  shareholders  is  responsible  for  approving  the  strategy of Boryspil  International  Airport,  appointing  and  dismissing  board  members and management, as well as approving the annual report and budget of  the  company.  In practice, the Ministry  of  Infrastructure performs  the  functions of the GM. 

In addition, the annual budgets  of  Boryspil  International  Airport also  require  approval by the Ministry of Finance.

The  function  of  monitoring  the  activities  of  Boryspil  International  Airport is assigned  to  the  Supervisory  Board.  The Supervisory Board  is  responsible  for  overseeing Boryspil  International  Airport strategy  agreed  with  the  Cabinet  of  Ministers of Ukraine as the representative of the company's ultimate owners.

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