Portfolio Manager - External Management- Global Fixed Income

Define overall portfolio management strategy and themes on the basis of extensive industry and External manager research knowledge and analysis. Works closely with the Head of Investments in the development, monitoring and reassessment of overall long and short-term investment strategy for the Global Fixed Income mandates considering all relevant industry trends, investment style and risk management issues, as well as changes in regulatory, legal and commercial frameworks.

Responsible for constructing, managing and monitoring assigned mandate portfolios including External Fund Manager selection and risk exposure in accordance with GPSSA’s defined investment objectives and guidelines. Appraise existing External Fund Managers and recommend changes in mandates

Primary responsibility for managing the External Fund Manager due diligence visits both in-house and on-site. Ensure compliance with defined investment guidelines. Fully contributes to the Departments investment decisions regarding assets in the relevant strategy/region

Responsible for the analyses of individual External Manager portfolios and determines related implications on total portfolio risk and return expectation. Ultimately prepares investment recommendations after reaching agreement with Department senior management.  

Discuss and review with Head of Investments monthly/quarterly reports on individual external managers (i.e., portfolio characteristics, relative performance against benchmark, compliance with guidelines etc.). Assist Head of Investments in the development of strategy presentations to Investment Committee.

Discuss and agree on legal contracts and commercial terms