Senior Credit Officer, Commodities Risk, ASEAN

Standard Chartered Bank Singapore
Oct 16, 2017
Oct 22, 2017
Job Function
Risk Management
Industry Sector
Finance - General
Employment Type
Full Time
Senior Credit Officer, Commodities Risk, ASEAN

Key Roles and Responsibilities

SMR Responsibilities delegation

SMF 4 - Risk Control Ownership for credit risk and prudential regulations for credit risk:
The following applies to CIB and CB only
* Act as the second line Risk Control Owner for credit risk and its specific sub-types such as external rules and regulations (prudential regulations for credit risk). As the risk control owner, be responsible for:
* Setting (or proposing) the risk-type framework, risk tolerances and risk appetite, policies and control standards
* Making decisions within delegated authorities and maintaining necessary expertise to manage such risks
* Establishing effective assurance and reporting mechanisms; and
* Design and effectiveness of the risk controls, monitoring of compliance to the Board approved risk tolerances and effectiveness of risk controls; and escalate material exceptions to appropriate management and risk committees.

SMF 4 - Culture of good conduct:

I am responsible for building a culture of good conduct.

FCA 14 - Wholesale Lending Decisions:

Responsibility for wholesale lending decisions
I am responsible for final credit decisions for wholesale lending facilities covering CIB and CB only. My responsibilities do not extend to the following, which are the responsibility of the relevant Business CEOs:

* Completeness and accuracy of the business credit application and capture of critical information required for credit risk measurement and credit analysis

FCA 21 - Middle Office - CTMU:
Work with the region CTMU head to ensure the middle office transaction monitoring and management of the commodity facilities

Role Responsibilities

* Inform the development of business plans with the provision of cost and impairment forecasts and a balanced judgment on the external environment.
* Contribute to the development of performance management and remuneration processes, in order to encourage the development of an appropriate risk culture and discipline.

* Communicate the strategic intent and collective agenda for the Function.
* Maintain and develop the Function's risk capabilities, and skills to meet ongoing needs and plans
* Align strategy of the Risk function with business strategy and risk appetite and oversee its execution

* Supervise all processes where a member of the Function is the identified first line process owner.
* Ensure effective management of the operational risks within the Function and compliance with applicable internal policies, and external laws and regulations.
* Continuously improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the Function's risk management processes.
People and Talent
* Identification and development of talent pool for Credit Risk function in the region.
* Set and monitor job descriptions and objectives for direct reports and provide feedback and rewards in line with their performance against those responsibilities and objectives.
* Lead through example and build the appropriate culture and values. Set appropriate tone and expectations from their team and work in collaboration with risk and control partners.
* Ensure the provision of ongoing training and development of people, and ensure that holders of all critical functions are suitably skilled and qualified for their roles ensuring that they have effective supervision in place to mitigate any risks.
* Responsibility to review team structure/capacity plans for the region.
* Uphold and reinforce the independence of the Function from those whose primary responsibility is to maximise short-term revenues and profits Ensure the provision of ongoing training and development of the Function's people, and ensure that holders of all critical functions are suitably skilled and qualified for their roles
* Lead through example and build the appropriate culture and values within the business and across the wider organisation

Risk Management
* Ensuring that the quality of Business Credit Applications (BCAs) meets Group standards, particularly with regards to the completeness and depth of risk analysis.
* Approving breaches of Local Portfolio Standards, to the extent permitted by WB Credit Policy.
* Formulating and obtaining approval of Portfolio Standards which is supportive (from credit risk perspective) of the business strategy of various segments
* Ensuring Risk Committee meets on a regular basis to review credit related issues in compliance with Group Policy governing such matters and actively participating on that Committee
* Ensuring timely submission and accuracy of Country/Region credit portfolio data to the Risk Committee. These include, but may not be limited to, the following:-
m Risk MI reports
o All approved exposures in [Country/Region] (as required by local regulator Reporting)
o Details of approved breaches of Group and Local Credit Policy (including details of mitigating circumstances)
o Country Risk exposure
* Monitoring compliance with credit policy and Portfolio Standards a monthly basis at least and reviewing any divergence thereof with the CEO, Client Coverage (CC) Head/Segment Heads to ensure credit quality targets are achieved.
* Ensure EAR process is adhered to and lead monthly EAR discussions. Assisting relationship managers in identification and managing up or out of accounts exhibiting signs of deterioration and assist Group Special Assets Management, where appropriate, in managing accounts to maximise recoveries and minimise losses.
* Ensure compliance to the Operational Risk framework including the effective application of risk toolkit (self-assessments, KRIs, KCSs, etc) and reporting.
* Initiate stress tests as required by internal and external factors and review results and assess their implications
* Uphold the integrity of risk/return decisions, by challenging business to demonstrate that risk origination and control decisions are properly informed and consistent with strategy
* Direct appropriate response to material events or other risk issues that come to the SCO's attention
* Exercise risk control responsibility for Credit Risk, Corporate, Institutional and Commercial
* Ensure that material risk exposures and related issues are reported to the responsible governance committees and to Group and business-level committees as appropriate
* Ensure appropriate judgement is applied in the discharge of risk authorities assigned to the jobholder
* Maintain a good understanding of the requirements of key external stakeholders in respect of risk management and ensure these are well understood internally and reflected in internal procedures
* Maintain delegated authorities in line with internal policies and ensure that delegations are in line with individual capabilities.
* Actively participate in key committees through standing membership
* Ensure first line process owners understand and accept their risk management responsibilities
* Maintain an open and cooperative relationship in dealings with regulators (if applicable)
* Co-ordinating local resources to ensure that credit systems are installed in accordance with Group standard. Provide a reference point for collating and passing on to Group Technology and Operations problems and proposed enhancements. Ensure that new users are trained on all credit systems.
* Increasing working profits through effective management of the loan asset portfolio in order to help develop the franchise in a sustainable way and minimise provisions.
* Maximizing Economic Revenue through effective management of the risk/reward relationships.
* Maintaining credit quality and standards of professionalism for the risk function.
* Ensure effective implementation of Group Policies / Circulars / Procedures.
* Actively participate in monthly Regional Credit Issues Forum (RCIF)
* Undertake regular customer visits to better understand the business environment
* Ensure business and product heads understand and accept their credit risk management responsibilities
* Maintain an open and cooperative relationship in dealings with local and home regulators.

Regulatory & Business conduct
* Display exemplary conduct and live by the Group's Values and Code of Conduct.
* Take personal responsibility for embedding the highest standards of ethics, including regulatory and business conduct, across Standard Chartered Bank. This includes understanding and ensuring compliance with, in letter and spirit, all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and the Group Code of Conduct.
* Lead the regional commodities risk team to achieve the outcomes set out in the Bank's Conduct Principles: Fair Outcomes for Clients; Financial Crime Prevention; The Right Environment.
* Effectively and collaboratively identify, escalate, mitigate and resolve risk, conduct and compliance matters.

Key Stakeholders

* In country Client Coverage Head, Country Segment Heads, Senior Bankers, credit/Marketing group
* Head, Group Audit (Country)
* Treasurer (Country) and various GM Head of Sales
* Head GSAM (Country and Regional)
* Chief Executive (Country)
* Head, Legal Affairs and Compliance (Country)
* Senior / Regional Credit Officer (Region)

* Executives (including equivalent CRM Units) of other banks
* Key Corporate and Institutional relationships in country
* Members of the legal professions
* Directors/Key contacts in the business community
* Accountants/Consultants
* Auditors / Government regulators

Other Responsibilities
* Embed Here for good and Group's brand and values in Commodities Rsik, ASEAN,
* Perform other responsibilities assigned under Group, Country, Business or Functional policies and procedures.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Market Knowledge: Substantial experience in the industry.
  • Business Strategy and Model: Sharp business acumen (including ability to assess risk and appropriate levels of return), strong leadership qualities, excellent interpersonal skills and multi-cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Risk Management and Control: Successful management and ability to manage risk across varied product base. Expertise in process design and control.
  • Regulatory Framework and Requirements: Awareness and understanding of the regulatory framework in which the bank operates, and the regulatory requirements and expectations relevant to the role in specific region.
  • Non-technical Skills: Relationship management experience - with external stakeholders at the most senior levels, including regulators.
  • Strong end-to-end understanding of Commodities Trade Finance including contractual arrangements, commodity warehousing, storage, quality assurance, insurance etc.
  • Bank training: Role specific training which is mandatory & developmental
  • Other training as deemed mandatory by the Bank and updated on a periodic basis.
  • Financial analysis skills which may be evidenced via higher degree (e.g. MBA), accountancy qualification / CFA or similar

Leadership Competencies
Leadership Level
Spot Opportunities
Line Manager
Solve Problems
Line Manager
Take the Lead
Line Manager
Build Resilience
Line Manager
Line Manager
Line Manager
Deliver Sustainably
Line Manager
Achieve Results
Line Manager
Technical Competencies
Target Proficiency Level
Manage Conduct
Manage Risk
Manage People
Risk Management - C&I Credit Risk
Risk Management - Operational Risk

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