Senior Credit Portfolio Risk Manager (RiskFrontier)

Westbourne Partners
Doha, Qatar
QAR Excellent tax free earnings
Nov 20, 2017
Nov 22, 2017
Job Function
Risk Management
Industry Sector
Finance - General
Employment Type
Full Time

Position: Senior Credit Portfolio Risk Manager (RiskFrontier)

Entity: Group Risk

Location: Doha, Qatar

About us: We are the largest Financial Services firm in the Middle East, operating in over 30 countries and huge plans for further growth.

Job Summary:

This role is a critical component of strategic risk management process and requires an experienced outlook and a hands-on techno-functional expertise. The candidate is expected to:

  1. Implement a comprehensive Portfolio Risk Management framework which will include risk measurement, identification, and mitigation.  
  2. Develop processes, systems, controls and related MIS reporting for local and international groups.
  3. Ensure data quality and MIS processes operationally effective.
  4. Provide specialist support on making risk management recommendations to the department head and / or various risk committees of the bank, as delegated.
  5. Liaise / coordinate risk management and project activities for the effective Portfolio & Economic Capital Management process, Risk Strategy development and ensure alignment to the overall Group Business Strategy.
  6. Assist in enhancing effectiveness of portfolio management risk governance
  7. Develop a framework for linkage between risk and business objectives, ascertaining risk appetite and tolerance in line with group strategy, taking into account the Board's view, current financial situation, and external market factors.
  8. Formulate and recommend approaches to risk strategy covering critical issues such as risk asset portfolio profile (credit risk migration, worry portfolios, impairments, concentrations, correlations, and liquidity characteristics), capital allocations, risk distribution and return on capital guidelines.
  9. Provide support in risk projects and other assignments as delegated.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities by Dimensions:

  • Bring insightful judgment in the interpretation of risk information and its impact on the business model of the bank.
  • Assist in the management of other fundamental prudential risks in addition to credit risk: counterparty, leverage, liquidity, interest rate, currency, and other market risks.
  • Support in the oversight and formulation of advice to the Senior Management on the current risk exposures of the bank and future risk strategy, including strategy for capital and liquidity management with due consideration to the current and prospective macroeconomic and financial environment.
  • Develop strategic direction so as to ensure that the Bank operates along the contemporary tools and methodologies with respect to capital optimisation on each of the risk dimensions.
  • Continuously rate / highlight the high risk sectors/ industries/ customer segments and take adequate and timely mitigating actions / recommendations to reduce, diversify, shifting of these risks.
  • Within the context of rigorous stress testing and scenario analysis, understand and advise the circumstances under which the bank's profitability would be negatively impacted and provide the level of risk mitigation that is built in and the actions that would be taken in such circumstances.
  • Assess independently from business line executives, and with due regard to materiality, whether a proposed product launch or the pricing of risk in particular transactions is consistent with the risk tolerance determined by the Senior Management.
  • Coordinate with Compliance to obtain updates on regulatory changes pertaining to risk to assess their impact on the Group's different portfolio risk profiles.
  • Build and maintain strong and effective relationship with other related departments and units to achieve the Group's goals/ objectives.
  • Enhance relationship with the relevant QCB officials through continuous communications and follow up.
  • Provide timely and accurate risk information to the Board and Senior Management as well as to the external and internal auditors and the Compliance function as and when required.
  • Relative to Credit/Investment Portfolio Management;
  • Review and propose necessary changes to the existing portfolio management techniques and procedures for the domestic and overseas business in light of changing market conditions based on Basel Committee recommendations/ other best practices and QCB or any host regulator regulations and guidelines to ensure that a sound environment for identifying, assessing, measuring, monitoring and controlling Risk is in place.
  • Introduce a mechanism for periodic reporting of the Group's portfolio quality trends to the relevant Board/ management level committees.
  • Monitor limits, portfolio caps, risk appetite, tolerance and adverse market conditions, and provide the necessary tools to detect and report any breaches and/or divergences.
  • In coordination with different bodies in the bank ensure availability of the necessary tools, systems, and MIS reports adequate for monitoring of limits that relate to borrowers, counterparties, cross-border Group entities and more specifically excess over limit, past due loans, expired limits, expired facilities, classification of advances per credit rating criteria, related party exposure and credit concentration, Liquidity monitoring,.. etc.
  • Assist in maintaining a system to ensure proactive and efficient risk and credit/Investment administration including, limits, documentations and collateral management.
  • Assist in identifying undue credit risk concentrations and in implementing new credit risk management technologies. Reviews credit concentrations by asset segmentation in terms of credit facilities, industry sectors, past due ageing and collateral cover.
  • Develop portfolio credit risk measurement processes appropriate to the needs of the Bank. This measurement system should be able to comprehensively capture credit risk, and in a manner that facilitates the on-line management of those risks.
  • Ensure that portfolio credit risk measurement systems and processes are regularly tested and verified against their predefined model assumptions, and are evaluated in terms of their capacity to accommodate growth of volume and the addition of new products.
  • Review overall credit portfolio as to risk class categories. This report will be supplemented by an assessment of possible future economic scenarios and the likelihood of asset migration to lower risks that may result to potential losses, and as such, require higher capital allocation.
  • Address/ facilitate correction of any weaknesses identified during assessments, audits, or examinations by internal/ external audit staff, Group Compliance personnel, regulators examiners or Sharia' auditors as applicable.
  • Implement risk policy and enforces controls that ensure transactions are carried out in accordance with approved policies/ limits and in compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Provide a qualitative assessment on the level of risks assumed and measured through empirical techniques and other appropriate tools, and recommends corrective actions to mitigate such risks.
  • Conducts risk asset review to assess the capital adequacy of the Bank in line with regulatory guidelines.
  • Stay aware of developments both within the organization as well as in the marketplace to ensure that the Bank may quickly adapt its risk management framework for any significant changes.
  • Possess superior knowledge of credit risk management best practices including but not limited to pertinent Basel II & Basel III Framework on credit risk management and capital adequacy requirements.
  • Hold meetings with different business units to better assess the risks of the Credit Portfolio.
  • Intermediate understanding of market risk and liquidity risk management as well as Asset-Liability management.
  • Ensure high standards of confidentiality and ethics to safeguard commercially sensitive information.
  • Has the ability to develop, plan, and implement short-and long-term goals.
  • Can work independently but at the same time could be a strong team contributor.        

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Master's degree preferably in finance, economics or related subjects
  • Professional certification such as FRM, CPA, CFA etc. is a plus
  • 5 years + experience in International Corporate Banking with specific focus on Credit Risk & Portfolio Management
  • Experience working with Moody's RiskFrontier is a must
  • Must have hands-on skills for data analysis, practitioner relevant portfolio management issues (both for GCC and other emerging markets), Economic Capital and Credit Risk modelling, risk systems and general research
  • Good stakeholder management skills
  • Must have ability to deliver under pressure given challenging project timelines
  • Good knowledge of financial markets and products and ability to develop processes, controls, validations in the context of given set of financial products
  • In-depth understanding of risk methodologies, stress testing, interest rate modelling, VAR, and/or other complex financial risk modelling
  • Ability to work independently on multiple tasks and/or projects
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English