Senior Investment Officer

Washington, DC
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23 Feb 2023
25 Mar 2023
Industry Sector
Asset Management
Employment Type
Full Time

POSITION TITLE: Senior Investment Officer

REPORTS TO: Board of Trustees of the National Electrical Annuity Plan (with respect to NEAP) and to the Executive Director, Investments of the National Electrical Benefit Fund (with respect to all other assignments)


NEBF Investments is a separate group within the National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF) that assists the Board of Trustees of the Fund with management and oversight of a $18 billion defined benefit plan. NEBF Investments performs a similar function with respect to the National Electrical Annuity Plan (NEAP), a $13 billion defined contribution plan (structured into 5 separate Life Stage Funds) which is governed by the same Board of Trustees. NEBF and NEAP are collectively referred to as “the funds”. The staff and facilities of NEBF Investments are shared resources for the two funds.


The Senior Investment Officer is directly involved in the management of the investment programs of NEBF and NEAP. With respect to NEAP, the Senior Investment Officer has responsibility for overseeing the investment program composed of a diversified multi-manager stock, bond, real estate, and alternative asset portfolio reporting on these issues to the trustees. With respect to NEBF and other assignments, the Senior Investment Officer will work under the direction of the Executive Director, Investments to manage staff to monitor fund and investment manager performance, conduct research into investment topics, prepare reports and recommendations to the Board of Trustees of the fund, and assist in day-to-day implementation of the fund’s policies and investment programs.


The Senior Investment Officer manages staff’s monitoring of the investment programs of NEBF and NEAP and implementation of the decisions made by the Board of Trustees. Specifically, the Senior Investment Officer manages staff’s:

  • monitoring of the investment performance of NEBF’s and NEAP’s investment portfolios, the asset classes within each fund, and the investment managers retained by the funds to make specific investment decisions;
  • monitoring of the diversification of the investment portfolios to ensure that the investment risks are appropriately managed and compliant with the requirements of ERISA;
  • research new investment opportunities and strategies, changes in the investment industry, and other topics as assigned;
  • maintenance (in collaboration with the funds’ investment consultants) of a regular program of ongoing review and evaluation of investment managers, brokers, custodian banks, and other service providers;
  • interaction with the funds’ investment consultants and investment managers to implement the investment decisions of the Board of Trustees; 
  • implementation of investment decisions of the Board of Trustees for NEAP and  NEBF;
  • day-to-day management of fund operations such as:
  • transfers to and from investment managers; monitoring monthly cash flow requirements and raising liquidity to fund benefit payments to fund participants; maintaining relationships with custodial banks to ensure smooth operations for investment and accounting purposes; monitoring compliance by the funds’ investment managers with the policies and guidelines established by the Board of Trustees; assisting in the preparation of regulatory and tax filings made by the funds; and monitoring fees paid to investment managers and other service providers.

The Senior Investment Officer will also assist the Executive Director, Investments in any investment matters as assigned.


The Senior Investment Officer will demonstrate depth and breadth of knowledge specific to institutional investing as well as general knowledge of terms and concepts related to the financial services industry.

The Senior Investment Officer will have a graduate degree in a relevant field or comparable professional qualification, as well as a minimum of five years’ experience in institutional investing or financial services.

The Senior Investment Officer will have:

  • Experience managing investment and accounting staffs;
  • Experience presenting to investment committees;
  • The ability to organize and conduct investment research;
  • Extensive experience with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
  • The ability to acquire further computational skills as necessary;
  • Clear and effective writing skills;
  • Organizational skills necessary to the perform the tasks assigned.  

The Senior Investment Officer will demonstrate sound judgement, good character, and a detailed understanding of fiduciary duty.

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