Senior Investment Portfolio Strategist

Mexico City (MX)
20 Feb 2023
22 Mar 2023
Industry Sector
Consulting Firm
Employment Type
Full Time

Role description: The position is based in Mexico City. The primary role of the Senior Investment Portfolio Strategist is to define, envision, structure, and manage the firm’s investment strategy. This role is also in charge of adapting the firm’s strategy to each client, based on specific characteristics, needs and risk profile. This role supports the Sales Associates in their sales process by providing them with investment proposals and valuable market and investment insights. This role must lead the research and selection of assets for inclusion in each clients’ portfolios.

Primary Objectives:
a. Develop the firm’s investment strategy for its model portfolios and propose the appropriate periodic rebalancing.
b. Support Sales Associates on client specific investment proposals.
c. Proper communication of the firm’s investment strategy to the Operations and Sales teams.
d. Identify suitable investment products, either private or public, to conform individual investment portfolios.
e. Reliable and efficient link between the Sales team and the clients.
f. Maintain, manage, and create new business relationships with investment product providers.
g. Ensure efficient and value-added information flow for clients.
h. Contribute to the value chain between the investment strategy team, the sales team and clients.
i. Attend meetings and events organized by intermediaries and other providers to strengthen the firm’s internal research and to capture new investment ideas.
j. Identify, monitor, and validate investment calls, views, and expectations across the market to nourish the firm’s internal strategic view.
k. Institutionalize the Portfolio Management division and ensure it adheres to best practices and standards.

Qualifications: The candidate will have:
a. Strong sense of commitment and accomplishment.
b. Ability to strive under pressure.
c. Strong analytical skills.
d. Ability to generate alpha through long-term investment strategies.
e. Resources for financial, economic and market analysis.
f. Programming and quantitative analysis capabilities.
g. Ability to innovate and a never-ending desire for learning.
h. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
i. Ability to deliver ideas through dynamic presentations.
j. Teamwork skills.
k. Ability to build, maintain and strengthen professional relationships
inside and outside the firm.
l. Leadership and people management skills.

a. Bachelor’s degree required. Economics, Finance, Industrial Engineering, or similar.
b. CAIA/CFA designation (preferred).
c. Spanish and English proficiency, spoken and written.

Experience: A minimum of 2 years in Asset/Portfolio Management, Wealth Management, Private Banking, Independent Investment Advisory or similar.

Skills for the job: Organized, excellent interpersonal skills, ability to strive under pressure, collaborative working style, responsible, entrepreneurial vision, proactive, innovative mindset, excellent presentation, punctual, respectful of other people’s time, knowledge in macroeconomics, knowledge in portfolio management, knowledge in investment products, strong sense of ethics, reliable and discreet.

Other specifications about the role. Full time, mostly work office (on-site)

Please send resume in pdf format to the email below.

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