Financial Analyst

Work with U.S. Startups and CɮSuite Executives as an Oceans Financial Analyst

About Oceans
Oceans is an outsourcing firm pairing the best talent in Sri Lanka with CEOs, Founders, and Executives in the U.S.

The Role: Financial Analyst
Oceans is seeking highly ambitious candidates in Sri Lanka to become Financial Analysts. Oceans Financial
Analysts are proficient in creating financial models, developing forecasts and sensitivity analysis, conducting varianc analysis between budgets and actuals, and undertaking financial research. In addition to these functions, Oceans’ ideal candidates will bring a fresh perspective, new ideas for process improvements, and suggestions to bee
overall financial health of their assigned organization.
The Benefits
This is a unique and lucrative opportunity that could 10x your career. The U.S. Startup market is the hoest in the
country; you will have an opportunity to get in “on the ground floor” and make early inroads at your assigned company,
which will lead to career development opportunities while working with a few of the most impressive leaders in the U.S.
This role will always be remote/work from home. Pay is competitive and will always be paid in USD.
● Language: Professional fluency in English, with excellent communication skills (reading, writing, speaking)
● Experience: 3+ years relevant work experience
● Essential Skills: Financial Modeling, Excel, Research
● Education: Undergraduate degree preferably in Finance, Business Management or Economics; related work
experience accepted
The Ideal Candidate
Oceans Divers (our recruits) are experienced professionals, naturally driven and commied to excellence, who are
excited to support a fast-growing startup company and oversee that company’s financials. Our ideal candidate has:
● High Motivation: a natural desire to go above and beyond in all things and to succeed no maer what
● Excellent Time Management Skills: able to triage competing tasks and drive project completion
● Eective Communication Skills: able to issue timely reminders, follow ups, and alerts to changing priorities
● A Keen Sense of Urgency: strong awareness of timeliness and ability to meet close deadlines
● Reliable Autonomy: able to get things done eiciently with limited supervision while working from home
● Superb Aention to Detail: able to consume and synthesize large amounts of information
● Genuine Personability: warm, aable, can-do aitude; pleasant to be around but direct when necessary
● Tech Savviness: good working knowledge of common accounting software & Microsoft Excel /Sheets
Who Should Apply
This role is ideal for experienced Financial Analysts and/or former Equity Researchers who are excited to work for,
and learn from, U.S.-based Executives.
We are bringing on all the best and brightest in Sri Lanka — please let us know if that’s you.
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