Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum

01 Dec 2021
31 Dec 2021
Employment Type
Full Time

The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (“CAIA Association” or “CAIA”) is a global professional body dedicated to creating greater alignment, transparency, and knowledge for all investors, including savers, beneficiaries and the general  public, with a specific emphasis on alternative investments. As the ultimate goal of the financial markets is to efficiently allocate investment capital to the most socially and economically-sound opportunities, it follows that diversification across the full-risk  premia spectrum, including private asset classes, is a founding principle of proper fiduciary responsibility. With strong evidence that professional and patient capital allocation serves to catalyze innovation, cultivate societal wealth, and ultimately contribute to more healthy and inclusive economic growth, the CAIA Association advocates for a sustainable, long-term and fair capital markets system that will improve investment and societal outcomes. With the aspiration to be the alternative investment industry’s “operating system,” CAIA Association supports the often-overlooked space between asset managers and the end investors.

CAIA’s mission obligates the organization and its Members to acclimate to a dynamically changing world and investment profession. CAIA is committed to providing world-class education and thought leadership, improving transparency, and raising ethical and professional standards, all to ensure underlying investors’ interests are paramount. CAIA’s unique professional program places the CAIA Candidate in the chair of the capital allocator while assuring clients and the profession benefit from well-trained and ethically-sound investment professionals to steward their wealth and retirement. Located in the Americas or EMEA and reporting to CAIA’s Executive Vice President, the Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum is an outstanding opportunity for an innovative leader with a strong understanding of global investment industry markets, trends and asset classes and excellent communication and presentation skills to source, develop, and create a world-class curriculum for the CAIA Programs.

Position Description

A thought leader in the investment industry, the Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum understands how alternative investments work around the world, is acutely aware of market trends and understands the market drivers of all stakeholders in the field. Savvy at identifying and navigating both opportunities, partnerships and alliances for CAIA, the Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum spots opportunities that others might miss. With demonstrated expertise and experience allocating, investing, and/or analyzing alternative investments, the Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum believes in the importance of credentials and creating value for the end investors by developing and delivering a curriculum that is effective, relevant and continually evolving. An effortless relationship builder with executive presence and a passion for CAIA’s content, the Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum engages with senior investment professionals to create a curriculum that is not only exceptional in its content, but also in its delivery.

The innovative Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum candidate has at least 10 years’ experience in related industry areas such as asset ownership, investment management, asset management consulting or academia, among others, with a university degree in business or finance. The CAIA designation is highly desired. This is an extraordinary opportunity for an enthusiastic ambassador for CAIA and champion of end investors to make a significant contribution to CAIA and its Members while ensuring an inclusive, fair and healthy capital markets system, now and for many years to come.

How to Apply

If you are interested in further exploring this dynamic and influential Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum opportunity, please send your resume and a detailed cover letter to Lisa Heidman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Arlington Partners International at A detailed Position Profile highlighting key competencies will be provided to all candidates under consideration. We look forward to exploring your candidacy.

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