Associate, Research and Investment Services

TresVista's strategy of having Associates work directly with and be responsible for their own client base provides them with a rich learning experience; one in which they can gain the skills of Investment Banking, Private Equity, Public Equity, Fixed Income, and Research, as well as value direct exposure to senior investment professionals both internally and externally.
Associates at TresVista will undergo a comprehensive training program that will prepare them to evaluate new investment opportunities, create and maintain market analysis, and work closely with clients on strategic projects. The training enables Associates to meet the high expectations of the company and exceed those of its clients. (Visit for more information)

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Mid-level operations role with exposure and experience in high end finance
• Interacting with various senior investment professionals
• Mentoring a team of Analysts and reporting to a Senior Associate/AVP
• Responsible for checking Analyst work to ensure it is client ready, and serve as a point of contact for clients
• Sector agnostic role and work across product groups
• Key tasks involve the building of complex financial models and valuations, conducting financial analysis, creating industry/equity research reports, performing merger consequence analysis
• Intensive on the job training and learning

• Commitment and ownership
• Understanding of financial terms and concepts
• Strong eye for detail and ability to multi-task
• Ability to meet client driven deadlines (demanding hours requiring time management skills)
• Passion to continuously learn, grow, and exceed expectations
• Good interpersonal skills and communication skills (written and oral)

Training Provided:
• Intense induction training program
• Continuous learning with time invested in personal development

Growth Opportunity:
• Steep learning curve and a clearly defined career path
• Subsequent promotions to Senior Associate and AVP accompanied by significant increase in responsibility and compensation

Candidate Experience:
• An MBA in Finance (2019/2020) with minimum of 2 years work experience
• Graduates with 3-5 years of relevant experience

Candidate Age:​

• 28 years and below

• Commensurate with industry standards
• Annual increase of 25% - 30%

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