Fixed Income Analyst

Job Purpose:

  • Credits: Review credits frequently, on-time & to a high standard.
  • Markets: Prepare macro material summarizing key asset class returns.
  • Portfolios: Assist with portfolio rebalancing, monitoring & maintenance.
  • Client Support: Prepare performance & positioning sections of client presentations.


Key Result Areas:


  • Conduct regular credit reviews as part of a buy-side asset manager based on a universe with the following characteristics:
  • Geography: Predominantly EM, tilted towards MENA & Asia but also encompassing Europe, Africa & LatAm.
  • Credit Quality: Both investment grade & high yield.
  • Sectors: Sovereigns, GREs, banks & corporates.
  • Capital Structure: Covers the entire capital structure from senior unsecured to AT1s in addition to fixed & floating-rate securities.


Prepare material for a range of market reporting:

  • Market Meetings:
  1. Verbally summarize market moving news for fixed income twice-weekly by utilizing third-party newswire services.
  2. Verbally communicate market-moving positions across the team’s mandates.
  • Fixed Income Meetings: Prepare fixed income & multi-asset weekly PowerPoint including market-moving data for all asset classes in the prior week; upcoming economic events in the week ahead; new issue pipeline; portfolio statistics; peer comparisons; trade history; action points based on the meeting.
  • Operational Meetings: Prepare fixed income & multi-asset monthly PowerPoint including performance, attribution, positioning etc.
  • Investment Committee Meetings: Support portfolio managers in preparing asset class & market data for the investment committee.
  • Monthly Outlook: Write the monthly outlook comprising:
  1. Summary of fixed income based on third-party (TP) services.
  2. Outlook of fixed income based on in-house views.
  • Investment Oversight Committee Meetings: Support portfolio managers in preparing material on the public funds & markets.


  • Global Multi-Asset ETFs: Rebalance the portfolios on a quarterly basis based on target allocations; rebalance the portfolios following in/outflows; maintain excel sheets & other docs to ensure the portfolios remain close to the target allocations.
  • Fixed Income Funds/Mandates: Notify portfolio managers of at-risk credits.
  • Trade Allocation Sheets: Complete trade allocation sheets for new issues.
  • NAVs: Check daily NAVs.
  • Dividends: Check quarterly dividend calculations.
  • Benchmarks: Monthly upload of benchmark data onto Bloomberg.

Client Support:

  • Factsheets: Check & correct monthly factsheet data; Improve existing factsheet data via automating data from TP service providers to factsheet excel sheets & final PDFs.
  • Client Reports: Complete a wide range of weekly, monthly & quarterly client reports by downloading data from TP service providers & presenting it in the required client-friendly format. Improve existing client reports via automating data from TP service providers.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  • Python coding skills are essential for this role.
  • Financial modelling/forecasting skills are vital.
  • Microsoft office, particularly advanced knowledge of excel & PowerPoint.
  • CFA Charterholder.
  • Communication skills: Articulate credit & market views to portfolio managers verbally & in writing.
  • 3+ years’ experience analyzing EM credits.

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