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Fortitude Family Office, LLC

8901 E Pima Center Pkwy
Suite 145

Fortitude is a fully integrated team of wealth management, investment advisory, tax, accounting, philanthropy, and business operations professionals. We take a high-touch approach to amplify our clients’ impact, expand their wealth, and streamline their life.

RIAs are changing, and rarely for the better. Mega-firms are buying up small ones to boost margins. Poor fit technology is eroding human connection. Excessive outsourcing adds coordination nightmares. 

Fortitude was born with a vision to reshape how families build, sustain, and nurture legacy and wealth. Frankly, we were tired of seeing how industry changes never gave clients back more of what they wanted: time, purpose, and legacy.

We started with one client, and have built a word-of-mouth practice that emphasizes partnership, agility, simplicity, and performance.

Our team brings essential disciplines under one roof to give clients everything they need to execute visions for their futures. The families we work with want objective partners (not for-hire, “yes” men) supporting their financial plans. Sometimes, this means tough conversations and hard decisions.

That’s why we operate as Fortitude – we have the courage to do what’s right to maximize our clients’ financial future and help them execute their life’s purpose. 

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