Value Research (India) Private Limited

Contact: Mr Tapesh Gogi

Uttar Pradesh

Tel: 9871354694


About Value Research (India) Private Limited

Value Research is a 25-year old investment research company based in Noida, with a small
presence in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. We offer investment advice, analysis and
information through , and print publications like Mutual Fund
Insight and Wealth Insight. We also offer fundamental research-based stock
recommendations through our relatively new but growing research service called Value
Research Stock Advisor ( ).
We cover nearly the entire range of investment avenues available in India, including
mutual funds, stocks and fixed-income assets. We also have deep ties with the media,
and the vast majority of mutual fund data that is published in the Indian media carries
the credit ‘Source: Value Research’. We promote simple, low-cost and effective
approaches to investing.
We are a small company of about 70 people. We have a highly visible public profile. This
comes from our own website and magazines which are among the most popular in the
genre, as well as a high degree of long standing involvement in helping the mainstream
media cover savings and investments.
Independent Advisors LLP is a part of the Value Research Group and a SEBI registered
Investment Adviser. The company offers a premium, fundamental research driven stock
advisory service by the name of Value Research Stock Advisor
( ).

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