QCI Asset Management, Inc.

1040 Pittsford Victor Road

QCI provides fee-based investment management services for corporations, institutions, and high net-worth individuals.

Whether we’re investing corporate assets, retirement fund assets, endowment, or personal assets, the approach for every client is unique, based on risk tolerance, income requirements, and tax considerations.

We combine strategic portfolio management, vigilant operational procedures, and active client communications to ensure consistently high client satisfaction.


Our goal is to exceed performance benchmarks over full market cycles while reducing volatility, seeking to balance acceptable absolute performance during strong up markets against superior relative returns during flat and down markets.

Our approach combines “top-down” disciplines for economic outlook, strategic asset allocation, and sector emphasis, with “bottom-up” analysis for individual security selection.


We build portfolios on a foundation of solid core holdings, complemented by stocks that offer timely opportunities. Core holdings are chosen by reviewing long-term trends, cyclical forces, and relative valuations, to build a diversified portfolio with specific sector and industry emphases.

On top of the core, company stocks are added that present compelling risk/return propositions. Our rigorous analysis uses two broad criteria:

  • The existence of a “Catalyst for Change” in the company – internal, such as a new management team; external, like a change in government policy.
  • “Growth on Sale” strong companies whose stocks are currently underpriced due to temporary operating difficulties or a negative earnings surprise.


Fixed income portfolios are built by first evaluating the interest rate cycle and choosing a duration target. We then look for attractive maturities along the yield curve, and opportunities within particular sectors and industries. Our final analysis includes individual securities and we choose those we consider the most compelling.

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