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Contact: Ashley Gehrig

801 East Broadway
United States

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About Simmons Bank

With a motto like “Dreams: Realized,” Simmons Bank (Simmons) is passionate about dreaming big and making a difference. Since 1903, the bank has turned its communities’ dreams into reality through its rock-solid commitment to integrity, excellence, collaboration and growth.

In addition to its 117-year legacy in banking excellence, Simmons’ present-day is more exciting than ever due to its rich culture and high performance. In the last six years, Simmons has catapulted from a bank holding company with approximately $3.2 billion in assets to an approximately $20.8 billion-asset company as of March 30, 2020 operating in seven states: Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

But the growing bank doesn’t just promote excellence in the workplace – Simmons culture is all about dreaming big for its communities, too. Associates engage every day with elementary schools, fire departments, food banks and advocacy centers, and passionately partner with charitable foundations to empower their local communities. In 2017 alone, Simmons associates participated in 1,115 community development activities where they used banking skills to help predominantly low-to-moderate income individuals.

Even as Simmons has grown to over 3,000 associates, the company has never forgotten its roots as a friendly neighborhood bank – the warmth, community and personal touch that defines its culture is felt at every level of the company.

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