SEM Wealth Management

11815 Aspengraf Lane
Suite B
New Kent

SEM Wealth Management is a financial ministry serving both clients and advisors in aligning their finances and investments with their values.

SEM was founded in 1992 by Rick Gage, an engineer experienced in the use of statistical design and optimization.  SEM's co-owner, Jeff Hybiak joined SEM in 1998. Today the team at SEM is comprised of both engineering and finance professionals who combine their knowledge and experience to navigate the uncertainties of the stock market.  Our approach to the financial markets utilizes technical analysis to develop computer-driven investment models.  These proprietary models, developed through extensive back-testing, have guided SEM's investment approach since its formation.

As of June 2022, SEM manages 3500+ accounts and over $700 million of client assets. Founded in Tucson, Arizona, SEM opened an office in the Richmond, Virginia area in late 2017 to better serve our east coast clients and advisors. Having dual operations centers on both coasts provides additional protection and support for all of our clients in case of a disaster or emergency.

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