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About T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is an investment management firm offering individuals and institutions around the world investment management guidance and expertise. The T. Rowe Price investment approach strives to achieve superior performance but is always mindful of the risks incurred relative to the potential rewards. Our consistent investment philosophy helps mitigate unfavorable changes and takes advantage of favorable ones. We provide our clients with world-class investment guidance as well as attentive service. Founded in 1937 by Thomas Rowe Price, Jr., the company offers separately managed investment portfolios for institutions and a broad range of mutual funds for individual investors and corporate retirement programs. In founding his firm, Mr. Price followed a very simple business principle: What is good for the client is also good for the firm. Rather than charge a commission, as was then the practice in the securities business, Mr. Price charged a fee based on the assets under management. If the client prospered, so did T. Rowe Price. Mr. Price is best known for developing the growth stock style of investing. Although he was trained as a chemist, he had a passion for investing. Mr. Price believed that investors could earn superior returns by investing in well-managed companies in fertile fields whose earnings and dividends could be expected to grow faster than inflation and the overall economy. The core of Mr. Price’s approach, proprietary research to guide investment selection and diversification to reduce risk, has remained part of the firm’s bedrock principles. Today, growth stock investing is one of the many investment styles the firm currently follows. T. Rowe Price also employs value-oriented, sector-focused, tax-efficient, and quantitative index-oriented approaches in managing mutual funds and institutional portfolios.

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