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Tips on Job Search & Interviewing During the Pandemic

Written by: Dana Anton
Published on: Apr 22, 2020

Helpful tips on using the Career Center to keep your job search focused and productive in this new landscape of working and networking virtually. View additional resources to support your ongoing career mobility.

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Create/update your profile on the Career Center. Has your job focus shifted since your last update? Are you considering relocation? The Career Center enables you to have your profile visible to hiring employers or closed for confidentially. View the Job Seeker User Manual for other tips and tricks.

Update your resume/CV. Take this opportunity to review your information with a critical eye. Are there gaps in your skills or continuing professional development? Consider opportunities for distance learning to enhance your resume with new skills or advanced knowledge in your job focus. Have you captured your volunteer activities? Don't forget to highlight those and include any specific skills utilized (especially if they're outside of your current job focus).

Determine your job focus. Are you considering a career shift? Once you've made your decision, you can sign up for relevant email alerts from the Career Center. Alerts are sent once per day to highlight new roles matching your criteria. Having an up-to-date profile and resume positions you to apply quickly for open roles to ensure your application gets noticed.

Expect to interview virtually for new positions. Ensure familiarity with popular video conferencing tools and test features with friends or colleagues during business calls. Ensure that your backdrop for a call is clean and uncluttered and that you have good lighting. Use headphones if your audio is unclear on either end to avoid miscommunications. Consider recording a demo of yourself speaking to evaluate sound and positioning of your camera. The right camera height and angle are important to ensure that you're not presenting an intrusive or imposing visual, or a distant and meek impression. Projecting confidence in your environment, visual presentation, and skills and abilities are extremely important in a virtual setting. Dress appropriately for the interview, sit up straight while maintaining eye contact, and ensure you won't have distractions such as pets and children so that you present a professional image and don't feel scattered dealing with interruptions. Additionally, have a backup plan for how you'll handle interruptions such as poor internet service, loss of power, etc. Being prepared for the worst scenario can increase your confidence and put you more at ease.

Update your LinkedIn profile and social media. Add your resume and profile updates to LinkedIn. Take additional time to create new connections and to check in with existing ones. Ensure your network is familiar with your skills and prepared to support your career progression. Additionally, take a few extra minutes to give your other social media accounts a checkup to ensure that you're presenting a professional image when potential employers search for you.

Set goals. When you have your job search goals outlined, it is easier to break out daily, weekly, and monthly activities to help you get there. Revisit them often to keep your focus and to make modifications if your goals change. 

Stay accountable. Don't have a career coach? Request help from a friend or family member who supports your goals and will push you to keep you on track. Request their support for check-ins and to be a sounding board for your ideas and plan. Also, consider hiring a career coach to help you work through the initial planning process. 

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