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Published on: Apr 7, 2020

CPS Purple [square]Once you’ve got your graduate job in finance, you need to ensure that you impress and progress. The learning never stops. Your employer may encourage you to continue with the CFA Program, or you may pursue the Program on your own initiative to show your dedication to achieving the ‘gold standard’ CFA Charter. Professional Development is not only relevant to students but to everyone at every step of their career. To succeed in a highly competitive and ever-changing marketplace, investment professionals must be committed to furthering their knowledge, skills, and abilities throughout their careers. CFA Institute assists our members with first-rate learning content to support their professional learning.

Successful career development requires a number of attitudes and behaviors in the workplace. Sharing your achievements helps to make you visible. Getting noticed at work by stepping forward, speaking up and volunteering are good ways to progress. "You say yes, and you try new things, especially early in your career. But you need to trust your gut and follow its guidance." See more on 'How to Find a Career by Losing Your Way' as Charterholders share lessons learned from "nonlinear" career paths. 

Have you thought about how jobs may change in the finance industry? 43% of investment professionals think the role they perform today will be substantially different in 5-10 years' time.  Read more on the Future of Finance-  Investment Professional of the Future Report.


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Career Approaches for Millennials and Gen-Xers: How to Succeed in Your Career as a Young Worker VIDEO | 1 HOUR

Watch this presentation from the 71st CFA Institute Annual Conference to hear Lauren Friese share key factors for career success for younger people. She highlights specific actions and activities that can positively affect career outcomes. Find out why it’s more important, strategically, to “find your flow” than it is to “follow your passion.”

Managing Yourself and Your Career VIDEO | 12 MINUTES

In this brief interview, Sonya Stoklosa discusses core pillars of emotional intelligence, offers practical advice for changing unproductive behaviors, and describes how to best recover from career setbacks. 

How to Find a Career by Losing Your Way ARTICLE 

"You say yes, and you try new things, especially early in your career. But you need to trust your gut and follow its guidance."

The Art of Business Influence VIDEO | 45 MINUTES

This session from the 72nd CFA Institute Annual Conference covers: Discussion of the link between communication excellence and business success; Focus on innovative communication, networking, and influence tools designed to accelerate your business success; Focus on the three Cs of communication excellence, to the L-WAR (Listen, Watch, Anticipate, and React), and selling without selling to the BRAINS (Bridging, Rationalizing, Asserting, Inspiring, and Negotiating) of influence.

Expect to Win: Proven Strategies for Thriving in the Workplace VIDEO | 52 MINUTES

The presentation will cover: what to add to hard work, skills, and intelligence to complete the success equation: strategy, relationships, politics, tenacity, and faith; tools to proactively take control of your career; and repositioning yourself in the firm and taking career risk.



Propel Your Career: Figuring Out Your Next Move VIDEO | 1 HOUR

Eric Sim, CFA, discusses ways to help achieve career success—including how to build a professional personal brand both online and offline, the top 10 key skills for finance professionals in 2020, and the path to managing director.

What Does It Take to Reach the Executive Level? ARTICLE

Which skills are critical for advancing to the C-suite? In this article, several accomplished executives share their experiences as well as their advice for those who want to reach the top.

Building Your Path to the C-Suite VIDEO | 10 MINUTES

Shazia Syed, chief executive and chairperson of Unilever Pakistan Limited, describes her journey from management trainee to CEO, including the skills she needed to cultivate and lessons learned along the way. As an active advocate for greater gender diversity, Syed also discusses the importance of mentors in building one's career.

A Sense of Mission: Leadership Lessons Learned from Space VIDEO | 1 HOUR

Former NASA Astronaut and Air Force Colonel Cady Coleman discusses developing your sense of mission and what that means; facilitating problem solving among groups with diverse interests by making space and having hard conversations; and inspiring your team to be their best.

Developing and Demonstrating Leadership Presence VIDEO | 10 MINUTES

Executive coach and leadership development specialist, Christiane St-Amour, discusses the concept of leadership presence, why it's important no matter one's role, how it changes over the course of one's career, and the linkage with emotional intelligence.

Making Global Career Transitions VIDEO | 10 MINUTES

In this brief interview, Heather Brilliant, CFA, shares her experience with and advice on taking international job assignments.



Career Conversations: Mindfulness and Your Career AUDIO | 15 MINUTES

Professor Jeremy Hunter explains how mindfulness can help finance professionals with important career management skills such as dealing with ambiguity and managing stress. He also discusses misconceptions about mindfulness.

Career Success: Navigating the New Work Environment, Third Edition E-BOOK | 329 PAGES

Career Success: Navigating the New Work Environment, Third Edition examines the changing setting in which investment professionals find themselves managing their careers. The authors offer a model of intentional career management and career planning that emphasizes deep awareness of self and the professional environment. This book includes guided exercises and case studies for applying the principles learned as well as multimedia content and interviews with leading investment professionals. With all these practical tools, readers will be able to put the career management and career planning model to work in their own careers.

Ethical Concerns and Your Career ARTICLE

How should professionals position themselves after leaving an employer because of ethical concerns? Have an employer’s business practices ever created ethical concerns for you? Have they affected your career? It turns out the commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards within the investment management industry does not come without risks.

Future of Finance ARTICLE

As the investment industry undergoes accelerating change, the investment professional of the future must adapt and embrace new challenges and opportunities for career success. This report considers how investment industry roles, skills, and careers (the employee’s lens) and the organizational context and culture (the employer’s lens) are shaping the attributes of the investment professional of the future.

Managing Your Career through Effective Asks VIDEO | 20 MINUTES

In this brief interview, Maya Tussing, principal at Alesco Advisors, provides practical advice on how professionals can ask for what they want in the most effective way to achieve their career objectives.

Moving Your Career Across Borders VIDEO | 1 HOUR

In this webinar CFA Charterholders, James Benoit, CFA and Henrik K. Jeppesen, CFA, will share their experiences of moving their careers across global regions. They will discuss some of the challenges, benefits, and lessons learned. A significant portion of the time will be used to address questions from participants.

The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide: Success Secrets of a Career Coach (A Review) ARTICLE

The advice in The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide is ideally suited to investment professionals who are between jobs, expecting the ax to fall, or securely employed but seeking a change. In short, this book will prove handy in dealing with almost any employment change you are likely to face.



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